Our dental technology brings advanced treatment solutions and more comfortable care to the Audubon community! These tools make it easier for us to evaluate patients and plan treatments. As a result, we provide better diagnoses and make your time in the dentist’s chair more comfortable.

Digital X-Rays

Using digital X-rays to take images of teeth and oral structures benefits patients in several ways:

  • Digital technology emits significantly less radiation, making them safer than traditional film X-rays
  • Digital images are ready soon after being captured
  • Reviewing X-rays is made easier, as we can project the images on a monitor
  • Digital images provide remarkable detail

Intraoral Cameras

With intraoral cameras, Dr. Fleshner can closely study back teeth and oral structures that are normally difficult to view. As a result, we have an easier time providing full examinations and identifying problems that would otherwise be difficult to notice.

Digital Scanning Technology

Digital scans can capture 3D models of teeth and oral structures. By performing these scans, we create models that are used to provide better diagnoses and plan services to restore your smile and oral health.

Digital Impressions

Digital impressions remove the need for patients to sink their teeth into plaster—an uncomfortable experience—to capture the details of their teeth and bite. Digital impressions provide remarkable accuracy as well as more comfort during treatment planning.