There are times when serious dental problems can simply feel untreatable. This is especially true for people who lack easy access to services, as each appointment becomes difficult to schedule and attend. We are proud to provide the Audubon community a dental office that can help with a wide range of oral health concerns. If you have several treatments you need to schedule, we make it easier to book and attend visits so that you regain your healthy, confident smile!

Am I A Good Candidate For Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Different factors can impact the quality and health of your smile. A long break from dental care, naturally weak enamel, periodontal disease, and the aging process can all make you vulnerable to an accumulation of oral health problems. When multiple issues build and you need to schedule several appointments to treat them, we can work out a detailed recovery plan. We will talk to you about what a full mouth rehabilitation will look like, what services should be included, and propose a treatment schedule. You partner with our office throughout this work, so you never feel like your dental health is out of your hands.

Maintaining Your Smile After Work Is Completed

A full mouth rehabilitation plan can include restorative services, including prosthetic treatment, as well as cosmetic dentistry to make esthetic changes. Upon completing all of the procedures you need, we provide ongoing support through regular dental checkups and cleanings. These help you maintain the health and appearance of restorations as well as your natural teeth.