Your exams and cleanings play a significant role in protecting your smile. These visits improve upon what you can do for your teeth and gums with proper oral hygiene and a smart diet. At each appointment, Dr. Fleshner and our team provide valuable feedback about your smile’s well-being. Our preventive care helps you fight tartar and lowers risk for threats like tooth decay and gum disease.

What Your Dental Exams & Cleanings Include

Dental visits are an opportunity for your dentist to closely check your smile for active problems, including those that do not cause discomfort. With visual examinations and in-office imaging technology, we capture important details that help you know more about what is going on with your teeth. Dr. Fleshner also sets aside time to talk about any health concerns you might have, goals for improving your smile, and more to ensure you are an active participant in your dental care.

You also enjoy support from your hygienist, who will carefully and thoroughly clean your teeth. During these sessions, we remove tartar buildup and plaque deposits to defend against gum disease and tooth decay. As part of your checkup, your hygienist can offer tips and helpful warnings to help you protect your smile in the future. 

Seeing The Most Benefit From Preventive Care

We believe patients should have an active role in their smile care. During your checkups, we fully discuss the state of your teeth and gums, which includes discussions of any beneficial treatments. Because you have a voice in matters of oral health, you can make more informed choices, and practice behaviors that keep your smile safe in the future.

What Happens If A Dental Problem Is Found During My Checkup?

If we identify a problem during a checkup, we will present treatment options to resolve it. Our goal is to always provide the most conservative option for treatment, to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure. With that said, we will take time to fully lay out your options and why we might recommend a particular approach.