When cavities form, a prompt response can protect your tooth structure and limit your risk for complications. We can identify cavities in their initial stages during a dental exam and respond by removing decay and placing a custom filling. Dental fillings made from composite resin and metal are available. Dr. Fleshner will work with you to make sure your treatment is a success!

Conservative Treatment For Cavities

Cavities do permanent harm to tooth structure when they form, which is why treatment includes the placement of a restoration. For many people with dental decay, fillings are an effective option for care. We provide composite fillings that offer a lifelike appearance as well as metal for more durability. The procedure fits into a single appointment, so your tooth is protected without a frustrating delay.

The Importance Of Taking Dental Decay Seriously

Even if your cavity is not painful, you should prioritize treatment. The longer you wait to schedule your procedure, the more decay will spread and damage your enamel. Eventually, the problem worsens to the point where an infection can develop, requiring more advanced care.