Many patients never find out what their dentist can do during an emergency. Unfortunately, others will experience at least one issue that demands care on short notice. If you find yourself in this situation, knowing what your dentist can do for you in an emergency will be important.

We want our patients to know that they are protected. We can work with you to set up an appointment on short notice when you face a possible emergency. When you come in, we will look for an effective solution—while our goal is to keep treatment conservative, we will take every measure to make sure your problem is fully resolved.

Responding To A Dental Emergency

If your dental emergency is part of a larger problem with your well-being, or if the amount of blood loss from your injury poses a health risk, seek general emergency care before you reach out for dental treatment.

Injuries, discomfort, and difficulty with food wedged painfully between teeth can lead to the need for urgent care. These problems can affect people to different degrees—for example, one person’s injury can consist of one chipped tooth, while another can have several teeth that are partially or fully dislodged. When you need care on short notice, reach out as soon as possible and let us know what has happened. With the knowledge you need care and details on what happened, we can better prepare for your arrival.

We Can Prioritize Your Care When An Urgent Issue Arises

Timing matters when it comes to dental injuries and other serious threats. We will do what we can to make sure you are seen in a timely manner for emergency treatment. Before you arrive, we can offer tips on minimizing discomfort and protecting tooth structure to help make your difficulties more manageable.