Dental implants have changed the relationship people have with their dental restorations in striking ways. These small titanium posts anchor lifelike replacement teeth, offering more functional support as well as protection for neighboring teeth and the surrounding jawbone tissues.

You can enjoy more convenient care when you have your dental implant procedure at our Audubon, IA, dental office. We will place a restoration that is specially prepared to give you a natural and attractive smile while also offering meaningful bite support.

Should I Consider Implant Dentistry?

Implant dentistry offers permanent support for replacement teeth by performing the function of a natural tooth’s root. The titanium appliance is set directly into your jawbone through oral surgery. As you heal, the surrounding bone will fuse to the biocompatible post to create a secure hold. This helps stabilize the replacement tooth, and provides renewed support for neighboring teeth roots. You also protect your jawbone over time because you stimulate it and signal for the delivery of nutrients when you use it to bite and chew.

Receiving Your Custom Implant Restoration

With advanced imaging technology and careful planning, we provide comfortable and lifelike dental implant restorations. You will leave our office with full confidence in your smile and your ability to bite and chew through foods that you previously had trouble enjoying. We can provide restorations to address isolated tooth loss, and we can discuss the benefits of receiving an implant-held denture.