For teens and adults who have spacing problems with their teeth, braces are an effective solution, but not always an attractive one. You may need orthodontic work, but worry about a difficult adjustment to bracket-and-wire braces that look unflattering and interfere with daily routines. Fortunately, SureSmile clear aligners can provide an attractive alternative treatment option!

Can I Really Use Clear Aligners Instead Of Braces?

Many people with an interest in orthodontic work are good candidates for SureSmile treatment. These appliances can correct smiles impacted by mild to moderate issues with poor spacing. Thanks to the advanced imaging technology at our practice, we can provide a detailed evaluation to make sure this is a good choice for you.

Starting Treatment With SureSmile Aligners

After taking digital impressions of your teeth and oral structures, we can determine what you need from your aligners. A set will be provided to you, with each one bringing your smile closer to its ideal arrangement.

Each aligner is worn throughout the day for a set number of days. Thanks to their clear design, you will not have to worry about their effect on your appearance in professional and social settings. Because clear aligners are removable, you can enjoy your normal oral hygiene routine without interference from permanent brackets or wires.