You can pick up discoloration from foods and drinks that are readily available, but you can have a tough time finding an effective whitening treatment on grocery store shelves. Over-the-counter treatments can deal with surface stains, but they can fail to remove deeper and tougher stains that have gathered over time. As a result, many people are dissatisfied with their results.

We offer a better teeth whitening solution for the Audubon community. You can pick up a whitening kit prepared by your dentist that is more effective and easier to use, as the materials and whitening trays are tailored for your unique smile!

Make A Big Change To Your Smile Color From The Comfort Of Home

Take-home whitening kits let you fight stains effectively while still providing a convenient treatment option. Our practice will customize your kit to help you see your desired improvements. You also receive trays that are shaped to fit your bite and make your treatments easier.

The take-home teeth whitening process calls for daily applications with the bleaching agents provided in your kit. These materials are capable of fighting deeper stains that other products leave behind, and they can even brighten the tooth structure itself for better overall results.

Is Discoloration Always Due To Enamel Stains?

If you have problems with intrinsic discoloration—an issue within the tooth structure that changes its color—we can discuss other cosmetic procedures. Many people who have this kind of problem can see the results they want from porcelain veneers or tooth bonding services. In more severe cases, the right improvements may require dental crowns.