What can a single cosmetic procedure do to change the way you look? When you receive dental veneers, you can take on many problems at once! This means realizing the smile of your dreams in as little as two office appointments.

Veneers are thin shells capable of covering the fronts of teeth with minimal preparatory work. They are custom-made to provide your ideal appearance with the best fit possible. Dr. Fleshner can talk with you to make sure this is the right treatment to help you achieve your goals, or we can explore other solutions to help you showcase your ideal smile.

How Veneers Help

Veneers are capable of covering many flaws at one time simply by covering the front surfaces of your teeth. That limited area of coverage is capable of hiding the issues you have with your smile, including:

  • Blemishes and general discoloration
  • Noticeable wear and tear
  • Chipping and cracking of enamel
  • Poor teeth spacing
  • Naturally occurring size and shape issues

Because this one service can address all of these flaws at one time, veneers make ambitious changes to the way you look easier than you think possible!

Receiving Your Veneers

Once you make the choice to place a set of veneers, we can typically fit the procedure into two visits:

  • At your first visit, Dr. Fleshner performs preparatory work. This includes measurements of teeth being restored and minor changes to the enamel to make space for the veneers you receive. We will also determine the shade and tint needed for these restorations.
  • Your second appointment happens after your custom veneers are prepared. We will check to confirm that they are the right size and able to make the expected improvements, before affixing them to your enamel. The bonding process is permanent, so the results you see will remain for many years after application!