You can have a cavity without realizing it. If you only visit your dentist when you become aware of a problem, complications can affect what kind of treatment you need. Patients who are not consistent with their dental checkups can experience the painful symptoms of an infection. At this point, treating your tooth will call for a root canal procedure.

When Is A Root Canal Needed?

Root canal treatment addresses problems located within the tooth structure. An advanced cavity will let bacteria into the tooth’s central chamber. You can also have problems within this space when your tooth is injured. Before recommending this or any other restorative procedure, Dr. Fleshner will give you detailed information about your tooth’s health and explain why treatment should proceed.

How We Care For Our Patients Who Need Root Canals

Detailed diagnostic reviews will show you what is happening with your tooth, and we can break down what a root canal will do to restore your health. The procedure will see the pulp—your tooth’s central chamber—accessed so that Dr. Fleshner can remove bacteria and infected tissue. From here, the chamber is filled to protect it, and we will proceed with plans to protect your tooth with a custom dental crown.